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介质温度(temperature of medium) -20℃—150℃ 流量(Capacity) 1.6—400m3/h 扬程(Head) 5—125m □径(diameter) φ32—φ200mm 该泵叶轮为后开式结构,不易堵塞,三只进口轴承,以及组合式机械密封,故该泵使用寿命长,运行平稳、效率高、抗汽蚀性能好。广泛适用于纯 砌、氯碱等行业中输送含有固体颗粒、易结晶的碱性液体。

This pump impeller ope ns the type structure for after, Is not easy to stop up, three import the bearing, As well as combined type mechanical seal, therefore should pump theservice life long, the movement steady,the efficiency high,the antisteam eclipse performance is good? Widely is suitable for Pure Alkali, profession and so on in chlori ne alkalitra nsports in eludes the alkalinity liquid which the solid particlejseasy to crystallize?

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